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Hear That? It's Called Anger Hear That? It's Called Anger

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not really angry...

This song has a decent Glitch/DnB feel to it, which is cool and pretty original, as far as NG goes. I personally dislike how much you panned each individual instrument, but some people might enjoy having their sounds that left/right side biased. From 0:20-0:52 the left ear experiences a noticeably greater amount of sound, and generally a lack of balance for that long doesn't do too well.

Also, the song ends really abruptly. If you wanted to make this seem more like anger in the traditional human sense, you could add a ten to twenty second fade-out section where the anger "cools off". Abrupt endings, especially when it seems like it's mid-measure kinda lacks professionalism.

Hope that helped (check out my stuff sometime),

Milrata responds:

Um, My ear's arent that great to tell which ear is getting most sound, Oh that's right, i only have have speaker atm, so i can't tell what the full song sounds like

[AL] Eternal Struggle [AL] Eternal Struggle

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is pretty sweet.

Sup Anwar,

This is a pretty sweet piece you've got here. I like the feel and flow of the piece. It's also a very interesting composition of melodies and effects. Keep up the good work man!


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ChampionAnwar responds:

Hey man, where have you been?! It's been forever since I've spoken to you. . . Thanks for the words. Hope you're keeping well :)

-Orr- ST Conflict -Orr- ST Conflict

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Not much for me to say that hasn't been said.

Aside from length, which just seems a tiny bit too short, the song is really well done. No huge issues to speak of. The classical theme with the guitar works well for creating tension and the melody sounds fairly unique.

Overall it's really good. You've got a nice piece here that I'm sure a lot of people will enjoy.

DavidOrr responds:

Another tick next to length. It's hard to find a balance of length and content for loops, since their purpose is to be loopable (and have a small footprint usually). It seems as though this may be worth of a lengthening out.

Thanks for the review!

[KgZ] 8-Bit Catacombs [KgZ] 8-Bit Catacombs

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I didn't know you were on Newgrounds!

This is GamerShadow from FFR, to let you know right off the bat.

This is a really nice 8-bit piece, especially for a first attempt. The intro is really cool, especially with the subtle "laser shot" sounds in the background beginning at 0:06. The tempo suits an energetic track such as this one, and you've got some sweet beat variation throughout. The only gripe I have with this song is that I can't picture this being used for catacombs. I feel like it's more of a "common enemy battle" track.

Still though, really nice job. I'll go through your other tracks and review a few of those as well.

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KgZ responds:

Hah, thanks man.

Loop Five Loop Five

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This might make a good album intro.

It's pretty nice for a loop. It has a nice laid-back mood, it's dynamically balanced, and uses appropriate instruments. Perhaps if you lengthened it slightly and kinda shifted it in terms of mood, you could shift it from a loop to an album intro track.

Overall great loop, if you wanted to work with it to make it something else, you definitely could. What you have here is good material.

[AL] Break it down [AL] Break it down

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It's even loopable!

There's not much I can really say about this track to critique; it's really well done as a whole. Core components are all there; I don't even really need to mention them. The only thing that stops this song from being over the top godly is that there isn't anything wildly new or different in it. It's still really good, though.

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ChampionAnwar responds:

Thanks, I suppose when I made this - I was noobish to this style where as now, I could probably bring something new to the table :)

[AL] Submarine attack! [AL] Submarine attack!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I love the concept.

The underwater theme is excellent. Your intro is highly creative and transitions well into the rest of the song. I almost wish the entire track followed suit; up until 1:25 you had me zoned out, which I love to do when I listen to ambient music. But the increased volume due to the addition of parts kinda snapped me out of it, haha. The various parts are balanced well dynamically, too, which helps the whole ambient factor of the song out a good deal.

I'm an ambient artist myself, (along with techno and electronic in general) so I'll probably listen to this song for a bit when I need to get in the mood.

Real good stuff, I'll check out your other songs and see how they are too. Definitely get this into FFR if you can; this is the kind of music the game needs to save itself.

This is GamerShadow, in case you were wondering. =)

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ChampionAnwar responds:

Thank you very much, very helpful indeed. I will consider this for future refrence. This all helps me improve. When I get enough songs here I'll advertise to FFR, I give FFR Blanket permission for my music on here anyways.

V Day Electronica V Day Electronica

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


The track itself is alright. The intro does its job, which is attracting the listener and hooking them, and the rest of the composition flows nicely. The echoing sounds (is it a synth?) you used as your melody after :55 were unique and employed well within the track. The outro feels a little empty and simplistic with only a loop.

Although this piece does have some ambient elements to it, I feel like the beginning of the piece is far too loud and attention-demanding. An ambient song is a song that one can either tune into or completely ignore. In other words, it can serve as background noise as well as an actual piece of music. This feels more techno or simply electronica for lack of better classification. (You even titled it as Electronica.)

Which brings me to my next point. If you're going to title a song and be serious about it, the title *should* have some relevance to what the track is about or sounds like. I feel like this title is completely out of it's element by being assigned to this track, and for me, that detracts a bit of value from the piece. Sometimes an effective title can actually enhance the listener's experience, despite there being no changes to the audio itself.

But overall, it's decent, and you did pretty well making this.

Teamd0m1nat3 responds:

i appreciate your response! i'm not good with naming songs i'm very aware of this

[Darkside] [Darkside]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Awesome start, please enhance!

I love the evil overtone your synths create, it's a thousand percent badass and supplies a sense of power rarely felt in any sort of synth. The bass, ironically, feels underpowered and weak, when I'm sure in reality it too packs a wallop. In this particular piece, it works really well as is, so don't change it.

The vocals before the tempo change are awesome; keep them as they are as they too feel very malicious and evil. I'm going to suggest not speeding them up after the tempo change; the rapid enunciation detracts from the badassness of the deep voice, and you can definitely get away with normal vocals rhythm and pace-wise.

Although you've got an extremely powerful track already, it still needs more. Finding more sounds and synths with an "evil" feel to them would help tremendously in adding much-wanted length and variation. A few higher-pitched tones might give the song some pitch balance so that not everything is rock-bottom.

I really want to see you guys add more to this track; you could have a legendary track with the right improvements.


PM me if you revise this. I'm watching this song. =)

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Varnik responds:

Awsome review! Thanks for reviewing this it is very helpful to get resposes back like this. We had a few problems making this song thats why it is so short and some things don't go together well even though it's still pretty good. We do want to revise this song but if we do it won't be any time soon.

Thanks agian!

Blippy Remix Blippy Remix

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Fast is good.

The intro to this rather short bleep-fest was well paced and catchy. Up until :25, everything was going great. And then you just kinda abandoned the sweet buildup you had going and started it all over again. The second buildup was also good, but in a song as short as this, there's no time for reconstruction. Just gotta set things up and get it rolling the first time.

The melody was fairly unique and you kept the fast pace of the song under control really well. It's quick, but not wildly fast to the point where the listener feels like they can't keep up.

Overall, you did a good job, but you still need a climax. It felt like a rave was gonna start but it just kinda turned into a sewing circle, you know?

So all in all, more energy after :25 and you're set. =)

Mexifry responds:


Thanks for the review! :D