Album Update V

2008-11-17 18:16:46 by TwilightShade

It's been three days,

And the beat box notations are done! I'll get to rehearsing in school tomorrow, and record it tomorrow night. Overall, I spent an hour and fifteen minutes on making those, so the rehearsals and recording should bring it to about 2 to 2.5 hours. I have also decided to name it Forty Seconds to Live, in honor of the show Death Note. I may or may not imitate the writing of a person's name on paper and add it to the beginning.

But the cover art isn't done, cause I got lazy and found I had more homework than I had anticipated. It'll be easy to finish though, and it doesn't have to be done immediately. The person I had in mind may or may not be able to design the covers in digital form. If they can't, I'll probably have to resort to colored pencil *gasp*, and scan it into the computer, since I can't use photoshop that well.

Updated Track List (Approx % complete):
1. Under the Twilight Tree (25%, lyrics to be recorded, song to be created)
2. Industrial Insanity (40% completed, need to begin work on this again to complete the song)
3. Inside the Mind (Extended) (20% completed, need to begin work on this again as well)
4. Forty Seconds to Live (75% completed, have to record the beat box performance.)
5. ??? (100% Complete)

And there are others in the works, but those are to remain a bit of a secret. I want to get eight tracks in by the time the release rolls around, but if time begins to arrive in short supply, I may have to cut it down to these five, and that would suck for you and me.

See you all in a few days!


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