Album Update III

2008-11-09 17:28:15 by TwilightShade

Hello everybody,

My punishment ended earlier than I thought it would, which leaves me with extra time to make the album better than it would have been before. So in a sense, everybody wins.

The "lyrics" for Under the Twilight Tree are currently in the third draft. I plan on revising it once or twice more before I consider it final.

The beatbox notations are about 1/3rd finished at this point. I'll begin practicing as soon as I think of imaginative enough rhythms and such.

Other than that, the musical aspect of development continues to progress slowly. =(

However, I do have a worthy surprise for this update. Two physical copies of this album are to be made. I am keeping one of them for reference and as a memento, and a person that I know in real life will be getting the other. The name remains undisclosed for both privacy, safety, and suspense purposes, but I'm sure they'll love the final result.

Until next time,



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