Album Update I

2008-10-19 18:03:49 by TwilightShade

Hello Everybody,

It's been six days since my last update, so I thought I'd update my progress and give a few more details on the album.

For starters, the ideas are flowing and brainstorming tracks is a breeze. To bring them to life is a bit different, but my work so far has encountered no trouble. I am confident at this point that I will finish in time for the Nov. 29th release, considering Cross Country is ending in a few weeks, and there are a few four day weekends coming up.

The real news I wish to give is the name of the album, which I have decided will be "Under the Twilight Tree". I have sketched out some artwork for the cover, but I currently do not know how to attribute custom images to a music file like they do in iTunes.

I have ordered a digital voice recorder so that I may have more flexibility as to what sounds I can use and play around with. It was relatively cheap at $60, and it's hand held too. So that should be arriving in about a week. =D

Finally, tracks. Currently, here's what I definitely know I will be doing:
1. Industrial Insanity (A completed version)
2. A currently untitled beat boxing recording. (Probably will be done in parts so I can memorize them as I go.)
3. A dance track using the files Zell posted after releasing his awesome Halloween song.
4. Some sort of track that uses a lot of synth. I have no idea what genre it'll fall under or what it's going to be about, but I've started making it. =P
5. The song that the album is named after, Under the Twilight Tree. Most likely will have spoken words, but that remains in the air. Still deciding whether I'll go mad crazy with techno beats or try to find string instrument clips and make more of a classical piece with this one.

The maybes/still brainstorming:
6. Inside the Mind (lengthened and made better)
7. Some sort of emoish death scene put into musical terms
8. An ooey gooey love song (probably not lol, but I admit it would be funny to try something like that. I'd definitely need a second person to help me with developing and singing lyrics and such.)

That should tide over anybody that actually looks at my userpage for the next few weeks. I'll update whenever I feel necessary.

Forty days remain,


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